I am a 20-something cosplayer from Northern California. This is my cosplay and sewing blog, where I post progress pics, tutorials, and cosplay pictures. I can get pretty busy with real-life stuff, so don't be alarmed if I don't post terribly often.

I mostly like video games over anime, and I'm into the beast known as Homestuck.

Feel free to ask me for advice or not-too-personal questions about me in my ask section, or just drop by and say hello.


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List of current and upcoming cosplays
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I cant find viable paints online. Every horn making tutorial uses different paints, and I cant locate any online stores that have them, or when they do, they either dont give me a price, or don’t have the matching sealing thingy.

Im looking for acrylic paints for the horns. Help?

Hello there!

For horns, I just use cheapy acrylics from the craft store. They typically cost somewhere around $0.75~1.00 for a bottle. I”m not sure where you live and what kind of selection you have in your craft stores, but you should be able to find something that will work in almost any store that sells craft supplies. The brand isn’t super important, but a few common ones I’ve seen are Plaid, Folk Art, DecoArt, Delta, Martha Stewart, and various store-brand ones with names like “Craft Smart.”

After a quick Google search, it seems as if you can buy individual colors on almost any large retailer’s site, including Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and even Amazon (try “red craft acrylic paint” or “yellow craft acrylic paint” on amazon for more specific results). Amazon can ship practically anywhere, though it may cost you, depending on where you live.

Some people use more expensive acrylics meant for artists, and these have better luminosity and sheen. Here, the brand matters more, but you should be able to find something suitable in an art supply shop. I think Liquitex is a common brand for this. A nicer brand gives a nicer look, but super cheap brands work perfectly fine.

For a clear coat, look at a hardware store, not a craft store, or otherwise a shop that sells spray paint. Look for cans of spray lacquer. These typically come in matte, satin, glass, or high gloss, though you may only be able to find matte or gloss, depending on the selection of the particular shop. I prefer gloss, but it can be a bit too shiny for flash photos and can make imperfections more obvious. Satin is a good middle ground. Don’t do high gloss for horns, though it’s good for other things, since it’ll be too shiny. Matte is a good option if you have textured horns that you want to protect and give a nice finish too, but don’t want sheen. It’ll be hard to find a place that sells a spray can online and ships it, so you’ll have to look in person.

A lot of people recommend Mod Podge for sealing horns, but it tends to get very sticky rather than having a nice smooth, hard finish, like a spray clear coat would. I would avoid it at all costs. It’s better to have unsealed horns than terribly sticky ones.

On my horns, I’ve used cheap craft paint on all of them, no clear coat on Meenah’s horns (because I painted them [incorrectly, so I’m glad I didn’t seal them!!] the night before the con =_____=), and gloss coat on Condy and Kanaya’s horns. Kanaya’s horns are shinier than Condy’s, but that’s a different of the material itself, I believe — paperclay vs. drywall spackle over foam.

I hope that helps! If you need any more specific help, feel free to ask. :]

Since it’s 4/13 and all, here’s a compilation of all the HS cosplay I’ve completed/worn to date. :]

From top to bottom, left to right:

Modstuck!Mom Lalonde 
Rose Lalonde (Classy Bitch Dress — original design) 
)(er Imperious Condescension
Fancy!Grimdark Rose Lalonde
Ballgown Dreamer Roxy Lalonde 
Meenah Peixes (with nachttour as my Aranea

Photo credits contained in original posts; please do not remove

There’s still more to come — I still need to debut Sn0wman, Condy’s getting fixed up, and I’m doing an original design Kanaya, so that will bring my HS cosplay count to 8, all completed since early January 2013. :] I’ll probably do more in the future, as well, depending on irl things, and on how this thing goes once it ends.

I’ve had a great time in this fandom and with these cosplays over the past year and a half since I (reluctantly) started reading the comic. Thanks to everyone who has made this fandom great. <3

List of Current and Upcoming Cosplays

Rhyth (Jet Set Radio Future)
Regina Berry (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All)
Ayla (Chrono Trigger)
Ultimecia (Final Fantasy VIII)
Trisha (Catherine)
Calisto Yew (Ace Attorney: Investigations)
Maj. Kusanagi [Section 9 Uniform] (Ghost in the Shell manga)
Maj. Kusanagi [Hard Disc] (Ghost in the Shell)

Lady Blackpearl (Legend of Mana)
Eruca (Radiant Historia)
Ulala (Space Channel 5)
Julia (Cowboy Bebop)
alpha!Rose Lalonde [Classy Bitch Dress] (Homestuck)
Roxy Lalonde [Ballgown Dreamer] (Homestuck)
Rose Lalonde [fancy!grimdark] (Homestuck)
Mom Lalonde [Modstuck] (Homestuck)
)(er Imperious Condescension (Homestuck)
Meenah Peixes (Homestuck)

Sn0wman [Three in the Morning Dress] (Homestuck; Fanimecon 2014)
Original design Kanaya Maryam (Homestuck; Fanimecon 2014)

Aranea Serket (Homestuck) 
Ballgown Dreamer Aradia Megido (Homestuck)

 (A lot of those tags are empty, especially on the retired costumes — sorry!)

Semi-Retired cosplays are ones that I probably won’t wear to any more cons unless I can get a group together (these are unlikely to get an off-con shoot, but that is always a possibility). This also includes costumes that I have no desire to wear to cons but feel need photoshoots, and costumes that I love but are simply too much of a pain to wear at cons (I’m looking at you, Ulti). Nothing is fully retired because I still have all the pieces and would be willing to bring them back under the right circumstances.

Active cosplays are ones that I still wear at cons/am planning on wearing at future cons. Some of these may require serious fixing up before I can wear them again, but that I would still like to wear.

Upcoming cosplays are ones that I have not done yet (obviously). These are things that I am actively planning on doing in the near future, and not just things that I’d like to do someday, though whether or not these actually happen can vary (typically only if something goes wrong).

This list excludes anything from before 2009ish. 

Wow I cosplay a lot of Homestuck. This is a problem.

Ballgown Dreamer Aradia progress!

The left picture is the bodice, all sewn and fitted, with the ruffle that I was about to cut. The light purple ruffly stuff will hang down instead of being weird boob wings when it’s actually worn, haha.

The ruffle is sewn and ruffled but needs to be sewn onto the bodice, and then I need to do the zipper and attack all the decorations (the crescent moon, the waist swoopies, all dem pearls, etc.). 

The right picture is the current state of the cage skirt. It’s laying on it’s side, so it’s a bit hard to figure out what’s going on there, but the actual structure of the cage is in the process of being covered. All of those brown parts you see (some are sewn, some are pinned, and some are hanging away from the cage) are thick black elastic covered in a layer of purple and then brown organza ribbon. All of that had to be pinned together and machine sewn, and now all of it will be sandwiched around the wire and hula hoop structure and whipstitched around the edge to keep it in place so it will cover all of the ugly base structure.

It’s getting there! I’ve also cut the top layer of circle skirts, but didn’t take pictures.

I’m also about 90% done with fixing up my Condesce suit (loo~oots of topstitching detail), done fixing the broken arms of my 2x3dent (but still need to make it pretty again), and done with my Kanaya horns, but I’d rather post up pictures of nachttour's lovely ballgown. :] (I'll probably post pictures of the horns later, and the suit and 2x3dent once they are 100% finished)

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Hi I was wondering about troll paint, I tried snazaroo, but it when I put it on it looked very blue, I even tried layering white, grey,and dark grey but it still looked blue. I'm not sure what to do or what brand to ray next I'm on a bit of a budget, I'm doing a fem karkat for u first troll cosplay at colossalcon. (It was my first con last year and I was jane lol)


Hello!  For trolls I have always used light grey Snazz and Ben Nye (with a strong preference towards snazz since it doesn’t feel as gross on my face) and yeah I’ll admit they both do look pretty blue in certain lightning…  Whenever I mix airbrush color for trolls it’s honestly 90% blue and 10% black to get a matching color to the makeup lol.  Maybe try mixing in some black?  Or mixing just black and white to get grey. I really think it’s just a matter of trying different ratios until you get what you want.  (and I would probably try mixing it before application so it will all go on consistent)  I’m not familiar with any other brands in grey if you are looking to try another… I’ve used paradise by mehron before for Davesprite but I have never checked out their greys so maybe take a look there and see if they have a more honest grey shade you are looking for?  If you want some examples of how snazz looks with full application in photos take a look in my cosplay tag I’m wearing snazz in 90% of my troll cosplay pictures.  If you check out my troll cosplay tag I also have a few post about application I’m not sure if that would help at all?

If any other Homestuck cosplayers out there have any suggestions make sure to let me know!  Good luck!

Hello there!

I personally use Kyrolan Aquacolor, another water-based paint, for the nicer texture and ease of application. I have not tried 32B (the most neutral of the grey tones) on my face yet, but I have here a bit of a breakdown of the other two grey shades. (I really need to put together a nice comparison post of all three greys…) Snaz, in my experience, tends to flake or crack more than KAQ does, so I’d recommend switching brands, if you can.

If you don’t want to waste the makeup you already have, you can add the tiniest bit of brown to it to make the grey look more neutral. Test out different amounts and types of browns (try something more ashy than red) in small containers and apply them until you have one that satisfies your neutral grey needs. You can probably get your cake of Snaz very wet and scrape off a bit into another container, mix it with a skin-safe brown pigment of some type (eyeshadow, another body paint, mica, etc.), adding more water as needed to dissolve the Snaz, and let it dry to a useable consistency. (I’ve never attempted to mix water-based paints before, so I don’t know the exact amounts of water and time it’ll take, but I know it’s possible)

Good luck!! :]

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Ahh, thanks!! &lt;3
A lot actually went wrong with the costume (mostly with the horns &#8212; they&#8217;re a little too big at the base, and they refused to stay on my head &#8212; though the fit of the dress is slightly wonky, and kept riding up when I walked, but I couldn&#8217;t pull it down because of my claws&#8230;), and this photo isn&#8217;t super great because I&#8217;m wedged in between an umbrella and the wall. I need to fix it up a bit, but a lot of work went into this thing, so I&#8217;m glad you appreciate it! &lt;3
(I think my next super ridiculous PSX-era JRPG villain in a red dress will be Mitochondrial Eve from Parasite Eve, but who knows when I&#8217;ll finally be able to do that!)

Ahh, thanks!! <3

A lot actually went wrong with the costume (mostly with the horns — they’re a little too big at the base, and they refused to stay on my head — though the fit of the dress is slightly wonky, and kept riding up when I walked, but I couldn’t pull it down because of my claws…), and this photo isn’t super great because I’m wedged in between an umbrella and the wall. I need to fix it up a bit, but a lot of work went into this thing, so I’m glad you appreciate it! <3

(I think my next super ridiculous PSX-era JRPG villain in a red dress will be Mitochondrial Eve from Parasite Eve, but who knows when I’ll finally be able to do that!)