I am a 20-something cosplayer from Northern California. This is my cosplay and sewing blog, where I post progress pics, tutorials, and cosplay pictures. I can get pretty busy with real-life stuff, so don't be alarmed if I don't post terribly often.

I mostly like video games over anime, and I'm into the beast known as Homestuck.

Feel free to ask me for advice or questions about me in my ask section, or just drop by and say hello.


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Attention: Guys who cosplay/want to cosplay spandex-clad superheroes


OK dinguses, here’s something that’s gonna make your life and the lives of everyone who sees you at the con so much better.

This is called a Men’s Dance Belt.


It’s for male ballet dancers to wear under their tights. Its purpose?


when I’m at a con, nothing kills a potential good superhero costume more than seeing the cosplayer’s friendly neighborhood spider-cock through the costume.


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Does anyone know why that when I apply Kryolan Gray Aquacolor on my face, it turns blue and doesnt even stay on?

I’ve look at quite a few tutorials and tried them but it just doesn’t work. So I’m probably doing something completely wrong but I don’t know what. Anyone know what?

Hello there!

I’m not sure what you mean by “it turns blue.” Does it actually change colors, or does it just appear to have a blue tone to it once applied?

If it is actually changing colors, then I’m not sure what the issue is. If your face clean when you apply it? Are your tools clean? What do you use to set it? I have never had an issue applying this paint with clean sponges onto clean skin and setting it with either Mehron barrier spray or Ben Nye final seal.

If it is simply blue-tinted, then you probably need to get a different color. Kryolan makes a few different shades of grey, and each is different. 089 is the bluest of the three light greys, and 32B is the most neutral. 076 is a bit yellowish/greenish. If you can’t get another pot of paint, then try adding a very small amount of brown to the grey in order to neutralize the blue tint, since even a neutral grey can look bluish in certain lights or when over a large area, so it needs to be tinted slightly to prevent that from happening.

As for it coming off, what kind of technique are you using, and what are you doing once the paint is on? If you have very oily skin, it may melt through the paint, so be sure to wash your face well and use an astringent toner (witch hazel is effective and cheap) before applying the paint. How much water are you using on your applicator? If there is too much water, then applying the next layer of paint will remove the previous layer (as this type of paint needs to be applied in layers for opacity). If this paint were to come off, it would likely crack and flake before it would rub or smear, so if it is rubbing off, there is something wrong, since this type of paint dries to a powdery finish. It will rub off a little, but I’ve been able to wear it all day with no touchups and not have a problem with it coming off excessively (it comes off a bit in areas constantly being rubbed by something, but in areas that aren’t being touched by anything but air, it should stay put once sealed). It may just be that it is wrong for your skin type, but I can’t really give any better troubleshooting unless I know how the paint is behaving and how you are applying it.

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Troll Paint for Dry Skin?


I’ve recently had some problems with snazaroo cracking on my face shortly after applying it (example below the cut). So I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for different water based face paints that stay as well as Snazaroo, while not cracking. If anyone could help it’d be great ;u;

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Hello there!

From what I’ve seen, Snaz tends to dry out and crack. Switching brands to something like Kyrolan or Wolfe might help. You should also moisturize really well before applying the paint, making sure that all of the moisturizer is absorbed before application. A primer meant for dry skin might also help, as well as going light on or skipping the powder, since that can make water-based paints dry out and crack easier.

However, if you have dry skin, then water-based paint might not be right for you, no matter what the brand. Not all paint types work on everyone, sadly, and you may have to use a creme paint.

I’d say try another water-based paint (Kryolan Aquacolor has always been very smooth without cracking or flaking on me, and while I’ve had issues with Wolfe Hydrocolor FX flaking, it was probably an error in application and not in paint, and the formula is a bit creamier than most water-based paints — keep in mind that I do not have dry skin myself), and if that doesn’t work, then water-based might not be right for your skin.

Good luck!

Dinnerstuck SacAnime S14 Feeler

Hello Sacstucks!

Due to irl circumstances, I very likely am not going to SacAnime this summer (which I’m sad about :[). However, I would like to keep alive the tradition of hosting Dinnerstuck events the Sunday evening of con. It’s a fun tradition, and tends to be a popular event, so I’d like to see it happen, even if I can’t make it myself.

As I will likely be back for the winter con, I am wondering if someone would like to take over running Dinnerstuck this summer. I am willing to give you my planning notes and tips on what I have found works and what doesn’t, though you’d obviously have control over running it the way you wanted.

If anyone is interested, please shoot me an ask and we can chat. :]

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Anonymous asked:

Hi Hhhhammy and Gothichamlet! I just started sewing, and am attempting Rumminov’s fancystuck Jade design (with some changes, of course) and wondering if you could help me with some minor pattern changes. I’m working with Simplicity Costume Pattern 2827 design C. I bought sizes 6-12, but the bodice seems a little snug on 12. I was hoping you had some tips on adding fabric for larger arm-holes and more fabric around the upper chest. Thank you!!

Slash and Spread is a great technique to use any time you need to selectively increase/decrease the volume in a commercial pattern!  Traditionally it’s used for adding gathers and changing the silhouette, but it can also be used to tailor standard patterns to better fit your body.  In this case, slashing a line from the armscythe to bust point sounds right for you.  As always, be sure to experiment with muslin first before cutting into your nice fabric, in order to determine how deep and wide to spread your new pattern piece.

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Cosplayer [ x ] Photographer [ x ] 

Eruca (Radiant Historia), taken at Animation on Display 2014

I look so regal in these. :] Love the first and third shots!

I’ve always wondered what Eruca’s costume would look like in the real world, especially her spikey shoulder. Fantastic work!

Ahh, thanks so much!

The shoulder spikes were a bit of a pain to figure out, since they seem to go between the slits in her sleeves (which were also a pain — I had to do a very tiny hand whipstitch around all of those slits to attach it to the lining, so I wouldn’t have any raw edges). My armor was made with the craft foam + cheesecloth method, and isn’t perfect, but was my first armor project (and only one so far…), so whatever. Maybe I’ll remake it someday. (the points of the spikes are held up by bamboo skewers, by the way. those things are a godsend in cosplay. ;] )

I actually have a lot of fun trying to figure out how ridiculous designs would work in person, especially when it comes to figuring out colors, textiles, textures/sheens, and cuts/proportions. JRPG designs are the most fun for this, but also the most ridiculous. I interpreted Ercua’s costume to be sateen fabrics with pearlescent and soft, antiqued metallic textures and sheens, since she’s a princess and would wear opulent clothing, but wouldn’t wear anything too rich or impractical (well, as practical as any RH character’s outfit is, haha).

(I also have way too much fun talking about why I made the choices I did ;] )

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Does anyone know the right procedure for asking another cosplayer to pose with you? It’s silly but I want to do a pose as Aradia that he hands are being held by Sollux and Eridan and I let them both kiss my cheeks but then go make out with Feferi. Is that silly? It’s seems that way.

Hello there!

Typically, you would just ask. “Hey, can I take a picture with you?” is the usual procedure, and then the cosplayer can accept or reject the offer from there.

This seems like a slightly different situation, though, since the photos are a little more involved than simply posing together. Usually when you see that type of photo, the people involved already know each other, and people may find it strange if you don’t know them at all and ask for this type of photo, especially if none of the cosplayers involved know each other. It seems like an idea that should probably be saved for a group cosplay with friends, rather than for strangers in a con setting.

If you proceed, though, you may want to actually talk to people a little bit first, and then propose the idea, making it clear what would be involved. Don’t just walk up to a random group of strangers and ask for a making out photo — that’s kind of creepy. Also, different cosplayers have different comfort levels, and you may not be able to find someone willing to do this for you.

Another thing — I know that this is supposed to be a funny series of photos, and wouldn’t likely be heavily fanservicey or involve super sloppy makeouts or anything, but if you or anyone else in the photos is underaged, I would strongly advise against it. It’s not as bad as doing makeout photos for the sake of titillation, but since it is a (comically) sexual situation, it could cause problems for you later on and definitely will make pretty much anyone of age uncomfortable to look at. Only do this if you know what you are getting into.

I think it’s a cute idea in terms of something meant to be comically shippy, but it may be difficult or impossible (and potentially awkward) to pull off if you don’t actually know the people involved.

Good luck! :]

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Cosplay makeup help please Homestuck makeup gurus?


Hello, I’m looking to wear my Midna cosplay to a con for the second time, and I need some help.  Last time, I bought some face paint that was advertised as good stuff, but dried out in like an hour and then crumpainfully off of my face.  I was also wearing a snaggle tooth, and the makeup I had on my lips kept getting rubbed off by it, and I had bought and was using a spray sealer.  Anyway, every con I’ve been to I have seen at least fifty fabulously perfect-tp-death makeup-genie Homestuck cosplayers, and so I wanted to know if any of you practicers of the dark perfect-Homestuck-makeup arts could give me some pointers on what to buy.  I need black and white, and thankfully it’s just for my face,so I don’t need to worry about it rubbing off when I pick things up, or sit, if that helps.  Thank you kind people in advance.

Hello there!

It would be helpful to know which makeup you bought to begin with, so I can steer you in another direction. I’ll give some basic pros and cons of each makeup type, though, and hope you find it useful. There are a couple of main types of makeup that can be used on your face. The first type is creme makeup, which is oil based, and the second type is water based.

Creme makeup is good for those who want a very smooth look on the face. White creme paints tend to be better than white water-based paints in terms of smoothness and opacity. Since they are made with oil, they stay slightly “wet” and never fully set, even with setting powders and sprays (you need both for this type of makeup). Thus, they are good for those with dry skin, but tend to smear when touched and can feel heavy or greasy. You should probably only use creme makeup on your face, not your body, because of this tendency to smear, even when perfectly sealed. (Also, you’d end up using a lot more of it and take a lot more time to get the coverage that you need on your body, since you use what you have in the pot instead of mixing it with a liquid in order to make the paint — a pot of water-based paint tends to go farther for that reason. I know you are only doing your face, but just in case you need that information for the future :]) A popular brand of this is Ben Nye (look for their creme color liners).

Water-based makeup is just as it sounds. You have a cake of makeup, and you have to get it wet in order to use it, like watercolor paints. For a longer-lasting and more waterproof paint, you would use liquiset instead of water (though I’ve always used water with no issues). This still needs to be powdered and sprayed with sealant, though the powdering is a bit less important. It is harder to get even coverage with this type of paint, and you will have to work slowly with either a foundation brush or a sponge, and practice to make sure you have just the right amount of water, in order to not get streaks or splotches in your paint. This paint tends to dry into a powdery finish, and is more likely to slightly flake off rather than smear, though runny noses and watery eyes can pose a problem, since they will remove the paint. I like Kryolan Aquacolor. I’ve also heard good things about Wolfe Hydrocolor FX, as it is less dry than other water-based paints, but I haven’t personally had luck with it, which was likely user error, not paint error, since it behaves much diferently from KAQ. (You’ll also have to be sure to not get Ben Nye brand setting products, since I’ve heard that these will turn the paint pink — I use Mehron Barrier Spray, personally.)

From the sounds of it, you probably used a cheap water-based paint and have natrually dry skin. You said it was advertised as good stuff, so I’m assuming that you got either a cheap Halloween store brand or Snaz? A lot of people swear by Snaz for inexpensive water-based paint, but it tends to be more flaky and crumbly than other brands, and not actually that much cheaper. A small cake of something like Kryolan will paint large sections of your body multiple times. 

If you don’t want the greasy feel of creme paint, or if you are painting large areas of your body with a single paint, look into a nicer water-based paint. Be sure to moisterize beforehand, and to not powder it a lot (or at all), to avoid it from drying out too much. Apply slowly, in thin layers, and let each layer dry in between. If you want very smooth paint and don’t care about greasiness, or if you have very dry skin, go with creme paint, again building it up in a couple of layers with a sponge, and then setting well with translucent powder and using a setting spray.

As for creating intricate designs/the borders between white and black (since I’m assuming you’re doing a humanized version of the non-human form, where there are large sections of white and large sections of black), either type of paint would work. Creme based would create sharper lines and not want to blend into the other color (an issue with water-based paint if it is even slightly too wet), but would be much more difficult to control. Water-based paint may run into the other color at the edges, but would be much easier to make intricate designs with, as you could get it wet enough to use as a paste with a paintbrush. I’d use something like eyeliner as a barrier between the two areas (and to lightly draw the design first) and then fill in with paint from there.

Since your issue is with smoothness and dryness, and because you only need to do your face, I would go with a creme paint for this application. It will get you even coverage and you won’t run the risk of it drying out. I’ve actually had really good luck with water-based paints on my lips (I’ve never tried a creme paint there), as it seems to make my lipstick last a lot longer. I’m afraid that a creme paint would wear off your lips in the same way a lipstick would, but if you powder it very well and reapply when needed, I think you’ll be okay. Also, most Homestuck cosplayers use some type of lipstick on their lips, over the paint, so look into getting a white lipstick, as it may last longer to wear lipstick over a powdered creme paint than it would be to just wear the paint itself. 

Good luck! I hope that this helps. :]


To fabrickind!

Major thanks to whichever super sweetie submitted this! I’m always really touched when people appreciate what I do in my tiny corner of the internet over here.
Ahhhh this made my night. :] I love you too, random citizen!


To fabrickind!


Major thanks to whichever super sweetie submitted this! I’m always really touched when people appreciate what I do in my tiny corner of the internet over here.

Ahhhh this made my night. :] I love you too, random citizen!